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Why You need a Content Management System?

Why do you need a CMS

Lets face it websites have really advanced over the years.  The programming languages have gotten better, the web browsers allow more design friendly sites and software has allowed for the development of some REALLY cool things.

One of these advances is the Content Management System or CMS. 

Years ago Amazon paid millions of dollars to develop their site on a CMS, which by today’s equivalent costs next to nothing.  Well out of the box versions are free but requires programming.  Go to almost any website and you will find the vast majority are utilizing some type of CMS.

  • Purchase something online – Built with a CMS
  • Read a blog article - Built with a CMS
  • Registered to be a member of a site - Built with a CMS
  • Watched YouTube, Signed in to Facebook, etc - Built with a CMS

Content Management Systems are readily available to the smallest of businesses to the largest corporations.  Sure there is a lot to making a CMS look like you want and function how you want, but in the long run they make life for the end user… YOU, better. 

If you want to start a blog, have people register for your newsletter or website, sell products online or even for general brochure sites a content management system is the way to go. 


The #1 reason to have a CMS is you don't have to learn code, unless you want to.  That's right you don't have to learn code.  You just need to be a little computer savvy and the will to learn a new way of doing something.   Ever use Microsoft Word or Notepad? Ever uploaded an image, well anywhere on the web?  That is really about as much as you need to know to make changes to your website without having to call your developer every 10 minutes with grammatical changes to text or to switch an image.

CMS’s can make your life a lot easier and your site less daunting to maintain.  There are a lot of them out there like Wordpress, Magento, Drupal, Joomla, Concrete5, and the list goes on.  With the development teams of all these, stable, content management systems, there is very little one can do that the other can’t.  There are some like Magento that are geared mainly to eCommerce but almost all CMS’s have eCommerce functionality integration.

In all you can’t go wrong with a CMS, you might pay a little more to have that integrated as opposed to a static website but the benefits outweigh the cost difference becaue:

  • Your site can grow with you
  • YOU have the power to make changes and even add pages
  • Manage your content yourself
  • Add
    • blog
    • eCommerce
    • image scrollers
    • testimonials
    • cool new functionality
  • Upgrade with the lastest trends
  • Automate so you make one post and it is reflected across your site
  • NO NEED TO LEARN CODE – but it is a plus if you know even just a little.

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