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Choosing A Website Plan

First, Thank you for considering a package with 5 Multimedia, you will not regret your decision to move forward with us on letting us help you develop your business.

Here are some things you need to know.


Why is there a set-up fee?

We have a set-up fee because there are fees that are upfront costs to us to get your site up and functioning.  As the packages get more involved, so do some of the services that we add in to accommodate for the level of service you would be getting.


Can My set-up Fee ever change?

Yes it can.  If you have special functionality that we have to pay for from a third party like a plugin or custom coding then that direct cost is billed in addition to the set-up fee.


Within the 11-month contract

Each package requires an 11-month contract that is separate from the one-time set-up fee.  The one-time fee is due before project start and the monthly payments will be billed via recurring payment with a valid credit card on the 1st of each month.  Before your 11-month payment is complete 5 Multimedia owns the rights to your site.  You will have access to your site to make edits, changes, add images, etc BUT access will be restricted to adding plugins, server level access, etc to prevent the copying of files, etc.  This is a safeguard for 5 Multimedia.


What Happens after my 11th payment

Once you have made your 11th payment, you have 2 options

  1. You own your site at that point and can move the site wherever you want it
  2. Stay with 5 Multimedia and just continue to pay your monthly contract


Why should I continue with 5 Multimedia?

Within our fees we maintain all aspects of your site, the hosting, plugins, maintenance, uptime, etc.  But also there are services we offer that may be within your package that are extra as well built into your package. 

All packages come with a couple hours of minor edits.  Send us your edits and we take care of them so you know your site stays consistent.


What if I don't use my hours for the month with my package?

Sorry but if you don't use your hours then they DO NOT roll over. 

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