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Social Media will be bigger than ever. With social superpower Facebook acquiring the ever-popular Instagram (2014), Twitter becoming a powerhouse over the years and the springing up of new platforms every couple of months, the power of marketing and creating personal relationships with customers over social platforms has never been greater.

At Five Multimedia, our team of social media managers makes sure that our clients’ social media marketing campaigns are up with the latest trends within the process of marketing among social platforms. As social media grows and evolves, so does the way people go about using the platform. Consumers’ use social media as a basis of a more “real” feel conversation with businesses, they want to connect with brands they follow on a more personal level. Back in 2008-10, when social media marketing was at a basic scale, Facebook was just beginning its steady rise to power and Twitter was spreading its wings for the first time, social media was still very “formal” when it comes to marketing content. There was no room for just a casual, unchecked conversation on a personal level.

Within the last few years, social media has grown into a diverse marketing monster, with connections that go beyond the casual follow. Five Multimedia works to build not only reputable social media profiles, but long lasting relationships with customers to ensure recurring sales and the promise of new, unique users. Our strategic process enables us to enhance the retention of potential customers to your website as well as increase your brand recognition.




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