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Are you a business in Peachtree City, Georgia in need of Website Design services?

If you answered yes, now what?  The questions start forming in your mind, not to mention there are a lot of web development, website design, digital marketing, etc. services in Peachtree City.

5 Multimedia has expert web developers that are local to Peachtree City and can handle any of your business needs.  From basic brochure websites to eCommerce functionality, we manage it all.  From start to finish you get a custom designed website that is up to date with latest technology and mobile friendly.

Now you are thinking, like all business owners, what is the cost for a custom Peachtree City website?

We have straight forward website pricing that fits any budget.


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Why do we offer our pricing for website design this way?

First and foremost, we gear our pricing to small businesses.  

When you get pricing from other agencies you will find an array of pricing that could leave you like a deer in headlights wondering "Are they serious?"  That is why a lot of businesses come to us, because we take the time to develop a relationship with you, the business owner and become partners to your brand.  

Peachtree City Web Design

Why should you pick 5 Multimedia over another agency in Peachtree City?

Good question, we have professional staff that create websites with the latest technology.  We use the latest content management systems like Wordpress and Concrete5.  We create unique custom built designs tailored specifically to your business.

But that is what the last 3 Web Development agencies told you though.

Here is the kicker,

We build in time per month devoted to you.  Depending on your package, you get our undivided time to utilize any of our resources.

What does that mean... ANY of your resources?

Well, for example if you have our Pro package, you get 2 hours of time with us per month.  You can use that time however you want like:

  • Ask us business questions
  • Do minor Website updates
  • Utilize our graphic design staff (get professional print pieces done in that time)
  • Have a Social Media Consultation
  • Get an SEO Consultation
  • Get answers to general questions
  • Just want someone to vent to

You have our time.

Not to mention we keep all of your programs and plugins up to date for you as well as backed up.

What exactly does that mean... Backed Up and Updated?  Is that extra?

No it is not extra, it is built in and keeping your website backup and updated is crucial because lets do a what if:

WHAT IF, you paid a couple thousand dollars for you website and you were in charge of updating it?  Doesn't sound like a big deal right.  WRONG, Wordpress and other website platforms update constantly and some of your plugins are not updated constantly.  What if you update and there is a conflict and your site goes down?  What now?  You have to call your developer and ask them to figure out what happened and to get your site back up and running.  Here is the catch, you have to pay their hourly fee just to get your site you paid for back up and running.

Could get on your nerves really quick huh.

Well there is a lot more we do for our clients but the main thing we do is:

We stay with our clients and are in constant contact with each of them every month making sure not just their website is running smooth and up to date but their business is as effective as it can be with our help.


You made it through my rant, lets talk.

Need help? That's what we're here for.

Large Corproations or Small Business, we're here to help you do more business.
Through custom website design, a strategic search engine optimization plan
or an overall marketing strategy.

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