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8 Reasons to Stay Social in 2016

So the first quarter of the year is over and your company is looking to you, you being the marketing director, for answers on social media. We’ve seen engagement be “THE THING” or what we want on our social platforms.

We crave it like that Venti from Starbucks in the morning.

But what also comes into conversation when looking at social media from a marketing standpoint is the fact that organic engagement and reach is down on Facebook, overall performance of tweets are down and Instagram is looking to siphon anything it can from you to influencers. I mean of course, this all changes when you look at paid social campaigns, but even those are sort of on the bubble as the dollar doesn’t go as far online as it used to. We are seeing more and more Facebook targeting features, more options for local businesses and more tools to track analytics but we are seeing results decrease. With that being said, this doesn’t mean that you should completely stop your social media strategies, quite the opposite.

Let’s not forget that it is indeed necessary in today’s business world to be involved and to sustain a presence on social media. Results are coming from quality content more than ever before and posting less frequently is becoming the norm. Why would you work double time to create amazing content and spend the money to market it when the results are decreasing?

Well, you could create less content and invest more time in a single piece. That way, you start to develop an actual plan for each and every piece of content you produce and publish. We’ve known content has been important since 2010, but that’s not the only piece to the pie. Personal responses from brands have increased and this has created a spike in engagement with consumer pain and needs posts.

As digital marketing progresses, social platforms have taken a turn to customer service, being the first resource a user goes to for answers on a potential purchase or for an issue regarding a company. If your social media presence is not up to par and you don’t look genuine, it could mean a decline in business or completely missing out on a potential income stream. 

So for 2016, it’s still important to be on social media, but it is becoming a normal sight to see the platforms being used by companies to enhance customer and consumer satisfaction, focusing on customer service, FAQ’s and distributing content that helps solve problem and educates the user.

Thankfully, there are still a ton of reasons to still be aggressive with your social strategy. Even though the signs show user reach and engagement taking a dive on Facebook and Twitter, the social networks are still growing exponentially. New platforms are taking to the skies, with Snapchat and Instagram surpassing Facebook’s growth in 2015 and projected to double in 2016.

After long consideration, we see these 8 Reasons To Stay Social In 2016:

  1. Word Of Mouth - Social media is exactly that, media that is social. So go get social, create local focus groups with influencers in your niche and share their content, talk to them and vice versa. The rewards for being cordial on social media is second to none.

  2. Customer & Consumer Satisfaction - As social media takes a turn towards keeping customers and users happy by answering questions and attending to issues and working to resolve them on a personal level.

  3. Reputation Management - Ensuring that your brand voice and image is seamless on your social platforms is crucial. Keeping an updated feed and taking care of reviews and issues will be beneficial to your customers subconscious view of your company.

  4. Creating A Buzz - Even though we’ve seen engagement and reach take a dive on Facebook, that doesn’t mean you should pay less attention to it. With such a saturated platform, cross branding your content on other platforms like Pinterest and Instagram can help with your engagement for your overall social goals and your content.  

  5. Building Relationships & Trust - Coinciding with Reputation Management and Customer Satisfaction, building solid relationships with social users that use your product, business, etc. Trust is the key to a successful social campaign.

  6. Increase Your SEO Backlinks - Social media is taking over SEO, well not literally, but it’s becoming more prominent in search algorithms. Optimizing your Social platforms can create exponential backlinks to your website.

  7. Direct conversations in a specific niche - Being able to converse with users and answer their questions, attend to their needs or even educate right there on the spot. Snapchat Periscope and even Facebook live give users real time video insight to your company.

  8. Find out what your audience wants and deliver - There’s no need to wonder and brainstorm what your audience wants. You can ask them yourself. Social media needs to be social. Go and talk to people.  


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