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Google Boosting Mobile-Friendly Algorithm... AGAIN... In May

It is happening... AGAIN

Dont let all your SEO go to waste

Google released about a month ago, relatively quietly about putting more emphasis on Mobile friendly.  Last April...ish, you may remember the terrible "Mobilegeddon" as it was dubbed.  Shoot we even wrote about it.  (Read Article)

Well now things are getting real.

How real do you ask?  Very, but not sure how fast this will happen but we know when.  All Google will announce is that they will "start rolling out" but we don't know if they mean weeks or months.  All we know is that they are starting it at the beginning of May 2016, basically next week.

The reason this is coming back around is that Google dropped the Hammer the first time and it effected a TON of businesses so after a couple months they lightened up on rankings for mobile searches.  Now, they are back at it again.

Don't Freak out just yet

How do I know if my website is Mobile compatible?

If you are a business owner or in a business where it is your job to know this and don't know.  Don't worry we have some simple tests for you to do.

1.  Go on your mobile device and do a Google Search for your business. 
Quick tip: if you type in "site:[]" it will take you right to your site.  (with this search I did "Atlanta Lawyers" as a demo)

SEO results

If you have the "Mobile-friendly" stamp on there then you are part of the way done, proceed to Step 2.

But what if my site doesn't show up a "Mobile-friendly" stamp on your result?

Don't have a freak out moment just yet.  Go to Step 2 first.... well second

2.  Get on a desktop

Go to Google Mobile-Friendly Test Page.  Should look like this.

Google Mobile Friendly

This is the concerning test.  This will analyze your site and see if it is Mobile-friendly for sure and be, really the deciding factor on your site.

Why should I care about this Mobile update since it has been done before?

Yes Google has done this before but each time THEY HAVE WARNED US.  Don't mess with the superpower of the internet.  But that doesn't answer the question at hand.  Here are 2 things to ponder

  1. Mobile Search accounts for (arguably) 60% OF ALL SEARCHES so if you are cool with 40% right now, just keep on keepin on.
    But oh yeah, that 40% is steadily going down.  So have fun with that.
  2. SEO Services - if you have paid for any type of SEO services then you might as well burn that money you just gave them.  Because no matter what your SEO does, if your site is not updated you lose what they have done.  If done quickly you probably wont lose much, but if you wait a month or two you might get hit harder.

To close

That is the quick and dirty.  Check out your site and make sure it is Mobile Friendly, if you need help call us at 770-715-8284 or email us and we can tell you if your site has the Google Stamp on it.

If you did follow our instructions and your site isn't mobile friendly, MOST sites only take around 24 hours to convert, just depends on how the site was coded.

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